Market Share Baltic focuses on high level business advisory excellence, improving the key performance indicators of our clients. Our extensive experience in business, government and NGO sectors is combined within a unique skillset and network able to act in Latvia, other Baltic states as well as in the the EU structures successfully. We manage the key market and competition issues, help with advanced government relations and deal with stakeholder mapping and engagement.

Maris Sproga, CEO


That's where we start.


Let's save our time.


It's about development.

By offering premium quality services we share our expertise in an honest and understandable way. Diplomacy has to be used in the foreign offices, we are here to help our clients.

We see what others don't

- just in case you are looking for the opportunities

We dare to tell the truth

- just in case you are longing to hear the real analysis instead of politically correct texts

We think out of the box

- just in case you appreciate the creative solutions

We are brief and effective

- just in case you are tired of long reports, stating everything you already know